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Kindergarten Through Grade 5 Montessori & Academic Program Outline

The elementary program at CMS VA has a solid focus on academic excellence and character development. The elementary student will begin to explore and master subjects that build and expand upon the concepts developed with Practical Life and Sensorial. These concepts are continually developed through real-world experience and applications.

The Whole Language Approach

Presents an introduction followed by consistent development and true appreciation for the world of reading, composition, and literature.

International Studies, History, Geography, Economics, & Citizenship

These topics are introduced early in the curriculum. These topics and tools are used to foster a love of history and world culture.

Advanced Mathematical Concepts

Rapid progression begins with the decimal system and moves through more complex concepts of algebra, geometry, logic, and statistics. These and other mathematical principals are presented and studied in practical applications that make sense in the real world.

Girl Reading

Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, & Computer Science

Each introduction into the world of science allows the student to explore the environment around him and to experience them in a more hands-on atmosphere.

Music is explored daily by the Montessori lead teacher and assistants.


Art is explored on a daily basis in the classroom with an emphasis on creativity and personal empowerment.

With the recent introduction of Federal Standards of Learning (SOL), CMS VA will refer to these standards as a guide to ensure that our students can excel beyond the requirements set by the public school system.

Child Playing With Gears Teacher Working With Students Child Using a  Computer